Age: 21
Ethnicity: NZ European/Maori
Hair: Waist Length Brunette Hair
Eye Colour: Dark Almond
Height: 5’0
Figure: Size 12
Bust: 36G
Tattoos: None
Grooming: Shaven

Services: GFE,Mutual Oral,French Kissing,Bi and Straight Doubles,Couples,Anal($150 Tip Service),Golden Shower(Tip Service)


Alannah is curvy from head to toe with a  full waistline.She has a sweet personality and is softly spoken so may come across as reserved but certainly loves to please in the bedroom. GFE is her favourite session as she is very passionate and takes the time  to listen and cater to individual needs.Her soft touch massage is always complimented on.Alannah has a lot of patience and kindness so if you are a bit shy she will be perfect for you

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