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Straight Doubles

Indulge your fantasy with two escorts at once. Spoil yourself with the experience of them pampering and tantalising you to your heart’s content.


Same as the above but taking that fantasy one step further.  Enjoy the visual of two girls enjoying each other, as well as the option to join in at any time.

To ensure the best possible session for you and your two -or maybe even three escorts,open and clear communication is important, and prevents any misunderstandings.If you or your escorts feel uncomfortable at any stage the booking may be stopped.Feel free to discuss your expectations with your escorts or the receptionist before the time commences so we can ensure you are all on the same page.This allows you all to just let go and enjoy-which is why you are visiting right?

In keeping with the Prostitution Reform Act 2003, please remember you’ll need to wear a condom at all times. This is absolutely non-negotiable.

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